The Paradise, Boston
June 11, 2003
Quality: Audience, A
Running Time: 76:35

01. Intro
02. This Little Life Of Mine
03. Come Together
04. Walking With Jesus
05. Hold On
06. She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit)
07. Lord Let It Rain On Me
08. Cheapster
09. All Of My Tears
10. Electric Mainline
11. Never Goin’ Back
12. Take Your Time
13. Smiles>Things’ll Never Be The Same

= – =


Recorded Live: June 11th 2003 at The Paradise, Boston, MA

Gear Used: AKG CK77s/PS-2/AT Transformers/Line in M1 DAT @ 48kHz/Oade 7pin
Audiophile 2496 (bit perfect)/SF/T-RackS/CoolEdit 48kHz->44kHz
resample quality 999/CD Wave/SHN

1 Pure Phase
2 Come Together
3 Walking With Jesus
4 Hold On
5 She Kissed Me
6 Lord Let it Rain
7 Cheapster
8 All of my Tears
9 Electric Mainline
10 Never Going Back
11 Take Your Time
12 Smiles
13 Things’ll never be the same

***Sample Rate/Pitch Corrected**

CHANGES TO ORIGINAL SHNs >>>> originally these files weren’t resampled, just
flagged as 44kHz WAV files, causing the tracks to play slow. So
keep the lineage on record, here’s what has been done to these files.
SHN/WAV/Soundforge 44kHz -> 48kHz (set sample rate only) ->
44kHz (resample highest qual, AA filter)/FLAC

j_sunne on STG

Notes: Critically spaced (180┬░) baffled omni audience recording.
1 foot to the right of DFC, at least I was polite.
4 feet from the stage.

I’m borrowing a detailed review found on:

setlist was same as nyc gig:

Pure phase drone, low lights
This Little Life of Mine – jason claps the crowd as he walks to
the right of the stage and sits on his stool. he chops out the
beginnings of this little life and when it kicks, it’s slow and
heavy and a monster! the drummer looking extraordinarily
restrained for emitting such a bonecrushing beat; the whole
band were stationary, letting the massed guitars do the
talking. the drop-down change into the ‘baby it’s mine’ section
was massive, a huge bottom – the lurching bass, i thought i’d
shit me pants

Come Together – the trademark drums smashed it open and the
crowd reacted to a song they knew well. again, massive yet
restrained sound, perhaps not as heavy as i’ve seen it before
but i liked it better overall since it didn’t outro with the
sped up ending, more collapsed upon itself, a great climax

Walking With Jesus – ahh, those twinkling chords in the
beginning! jason’s vocals really shone here with the ‘wellllll
here it comes etc’ and the band kept it up, dizzy. the crowd
knew this one as well which was really cool

Hold On – the amount of fuzz for the opening drowned the
changes out just a tiny bit but who fucking cares, when jason
started singing it was heaven. some assholes in the crowd were
making cat/other bleepy noises behind me during the quieter
parts. the simplest things are often the most beautiful and
this rendition built and was swoon-inducing. if you let it,
it took you, how could anyone not be moved. the band took a
pretty literal interpretion of the recorded version and didn’t
go over the top with a blast-off ending (although it was
stratospheric of course!). a little mic feedback here, but
jason ignored it and carried on

She Kissed Me – ripping! the opening fill was dead on, the
whole thing was taut, and the changes were decipherable even
though they were saturated in distortion. i think the crowd
were starting to look at each other here a bit instead of at
the band

Lord Let it Rain – not as majestic as i expected it and the
first song of the lot that i could say needs more time in the
‘live oven’ but the bones the laid for it were apt, again a
very literal interpretation from the leaked stuff.

Cheapster – jason’s head was smashing along with those big
cymbal bursts here, attacking his guitar with fury at times; he
seemed to pay attention to the drummer more during this song
than any other. rocked the fuck out although a pity that the
crowd was sort’ve.. out of it a bit

All of my Tears – i think this had a really extended intro,
minutes in length, jason finger picking with his eyes closed..
gentle, great to hear, and the crowd responded to the first
segment with cheers as they apparently recognized it. overall
good, but not as transcendent as it could’ve been

Electric Mainline – another huge intro with pure phasing and one
of the two other guitarists playing that mouth keyboard thingy,
constantly built with jason chiming in on harmonica.. but
they’ve changed it, it doesn’t explode into the droning
juggernaut of other shows, the drummer uses a lot of toms and
it seems more experimental.. this version not the finished
article i would say (which is a good thing because it was still

Never Going Back – up to this point, my favorite, absolutely
blinding. everything it’s meant to be, enough said

Take Your Time – only to be supplanted by an absolutely
ridiculous take of take your time. the intensity, irresistable,
their anthem. jason’s vocals, as someone posted of the nyc gig,
were magnificent, he channelled it all in there, gave every
ounce into the ‘take – good – care – of it babe’ lines toward
the end. the crowd loved it. what momentum

Smiles/thing’ll never be the same – holee shit what a finale,
smiles was greeted again with familiarized cheers and something
was up when jason started a fuzzed-out two chord progression
which led to ‘things’ll never be the same’. his vocals growled,
it sounded EXACTLY like the rawness of the prescription version
it melted into a 5 minute squall of distortion and random
madness and the band left the stage to the beating of
feedbacking guitars. unreal! it was mad! the crowd, as usual for a boston gig, were
not into it at all, i saw more head-bobbing for the secret
machines (nyc) who opened. but they gave the band a rapturous
applause at the end, jason left again clapping the crowd

Length: 83:39 Minutes ***After fix 76:47 Minutes

a rico boot®

bootleg info from here – http://www.sealard.com/roio/roioindex.htm (link now dead)

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