Queens Hall

Saturday 25th November 2006

Acoustic Mainlines Matrix

Source 1 – Sony MZ-N710 + Sony ECM-719 > transferred to PC via Sony MZ-RH1 > WAV > normalized in Audacity

Source 2 – Recording details not known > WAV > normalized in Audacity

*Source 1 recorded by Tufty in upstairs balcony, directly above Jason

*Source 2 recorded by VEIKO in downstairs stalls

Recordings mixed and edited in Audacity > FLAC > MP3 > you

01 Intro
02 Sitting On Fire
03 Devil Town / Let It Rain On Me
04 True Love Will Find You in the End
05 The Straight and the Narrow
06 Cool Waves
07 Hold On
08 Amen
09 Soul On Fire
10 Walking With Jesus
11 Going Down Slow
12 So Hot
13 Stop You’re Crying
14 Anything More / Ladies & Gentlemen
15 Lay It Down Slow
16 Baby I’m Just a Fool
17 Goodnight Goodnight / Funeral Home
18 Lord Can You Hear Me?
19 Audience / Encore
20 Oh Happy Day

‘Well, at the Edinburgh show last year – I keep going back to that one because it was a real high – when we played ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ everybody in the audience stood up at the end wouldn’t sit down – and this was in the middle of the show. I turned round to the choir and they were all crying, big tears rolling off their cheeks, so I started crying too.

‘It’s happened so many times on the tour, and I’m like, “Why is that?”‘  JASON PIERCE – (full article here)

Download MP3s here or here

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