Leeds Academy
10th October 2008

Taper: R&R
Equipment: iRiver H340 (Rockboxed) -> Unknown Mic
Audacity (WAV 16/44) Normalize & Track Split -> dBpowerAMP -> (FLAC)

01 Intro
02 Amazing Grace
03 You Lie You Cheat
04 Shine A Light
05 Cheapster
06 Soul On Fire
07 Sweet Talk
08 Sitting On Fire
09 Walking With Jesus
10 Oh Baby
11 Rated X
12 I Think I’m In Love
13 Lay Back In The Sun
14 Death Take Your Fiddle
15 Life Is A Problem
16 Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
17 She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit)
18 Come Together
19 Take Me To The Other Side
20 encore break
21 Lord Can You Hear Me

I wasn’t going to tape this as my usual mic packed in a few days ago but I decided to take my gear, including an unbranded mic (probably the one that originally came with the iRiver) and tape it anyway. The quality’s not too bad, a bit distorted during the loud parts where the mic’s overloaded, but I’m glad I taped in the end because the band are putting on such incredible shows at the moment. Hopefully other sources may appear for this gig, and if anyone is able to improve the quality on this and put it back up then please do. The newly refurbished Academy only re-opened during the week and whilst the sound system’s ok, it’s nothing spectacular. Anyway, big thanks to all the guys who uploaded the recent SPZ shows, let’s hope some more appear soon, especially from the UK.

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